Tahona Society is a collective of spirit makers and bartenders formed in 2009 to educate in agave spirits categories, promote career opportunities, enhance community networking, and encourage life balance & health practices.

After 9 years of existence and 7 cocktail competitions, our key challenge was to change the concept of “another” cocktail competition in the industry. Therefore Tahona Society Collective Spirit Competition was launched as the first-ever competition of the industry centered on social and sustainable values.

Additionally, we launched the Henry Besant Scholarship in honor of our late co-founder, who truly believed in bartender education and training. This scholarship is awarded to a bartender at the beginning of their career. The winning beneficiary receives a monetary grant, as well as the opportunity to join the Altos team by becoming a junior Brand Ambassador to represent our tequila around the world. recover autosave files adobe illustrator

As we travel the world meeting bartenders, we are finding more and more who share our values and want to make improvements in their bars. Tahona Society has become a genuine commitment to sustainability that has helped us lead the way on this new concept. how to recover files deleted from disk drive  

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