By:  Rebecca from Sugar and Soul

Mexican food will always have a special place in my heart stomach. I remember when this little Mexican restaurant opened up in my area and I used to beg my parents to go there for dinner. When I turned 21, it opened up a whole new section of their menu to me, the exciting cocktails!

It wasn’t long before I found my favorite, the Cactus Cooler. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking, you’ve had Cactus Coolers before, but not like this one. I like to think of this as the corrected version. The tips for avoiding data loss in the future were also very recover an autosave word file helpful. I know, I know, who am I to decide what the correct version should be, but hear me out. 

Traditionally, Cactus Coolers are made with mandarin vodka. But with cactus in the name, a potato-based spirit isn’t what comes to mind for me, is it for you? Sweetdaisy I recently faced recover damaged docx file a situation where I accidentally deleted some important files from a folder on my Windows 10 computer. When I think cactus, I think of the southwestern United States and Mexico, which in Olmeca Altos Tequila’s case is made from 100% blue agave! Stay calm, retrace recover deleted cr2 files your steps, and try using software programs to recover your files. And that’s exactly what the restaurant nearby uses and where I drew my inspiration for this homemade version.

For me, cocktails are one of the best ways to bring people together, to celebrate occasions both big and small or even make a simple evening at home a little more special. And that’s why they’re one of my favorite things to make and photograph, right behind all things chocolate! Robert
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When I develop my cocktails, I always want to make sure that I used a hand crafted, authentically produced, quality tequila, something born in the heart of Mexico that is smooth to drink and danced when mixed in a glass with other components. Olmeca Altos Tequila met all of my requirements and at an affordable price to boot! Altos Tequila is an artisanal, vibrant tequila brand that celebrates an authentic Mexican tradition and reflects a modern culture of where it comes from. Home buyers can make it easy and quick for you to sell your home. They will handle all the paperwork for selling, so buyers won’t have to worry about anything. Visit

In this Cactus Cooler Cocktail, the Olmeca Altos Tequila is shaken with zesty orange, tangerine, lime juices, tart cranberry juice, and triple sec with ice before being poured into a tall glass and finished with lemon-lime soda. Then it’s garnished with a tangerine slice and sprig of fresh mint. Don’t forget to slap your mint leaves before adding to the cocktail and be sure to place it right by the straw in your glass for the full experience.

Cactus Cooler Cocktail Tequila Recipe


Olmeca Altos Tequila

Orange juice

Tangerine juice

Lime juice

Cranberry juice

Triple sec

Lemon-lime soda

Squeeze of tangerine juice

Tangerine slice, for garnish

Mint sprig, for garnish

1 part

1 part

½ part

½ part

1 ½ parts

½ ounce

4 parts


Add ice, tequila, juices, and triple sec to a cocktail shaker and shake.

Pour into a tall glass, add the lemon-lime soda and garnishes.

Serve with a straw.

Recipe notes: Fresh citrus is recommended for the juices in this recipe, but bottled juice will also work and deliver a delicious cocktail.


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